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Stories And Cultures of Plains Indians and the Buffalo

Buffalo—the ultimate resource for survival

Imagine not being able to buy your clothes, tools, food, and household items at a store! During this 30-45 minute lesson, students will challenge themselves to think about how they would meet their needs using the natural environment around them. They will discover that long ago many Plains Indian tribes had to use the natural resources around them to survive.
This lesson will introduce students to a traditional Plains Indian story about a mischievous young man who gets his head stuck in a buffalo skull. Then they will discover the culture of Plains Indians and buffalo as the presenter introduces them to our hands-on collection pieces.
How did Plains Indians use the fur, hide, sinew, bones, and even bladder of the buffalo in their everyday lives? The lesson meets several Common Core Standards as well as national standards in history and social studies.

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Stories and Cultures of Plains Indians and the Buffalo

Grade Level: K–12

Length: 30–45 minutes

Learning Objectives: