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What’s the Story? Teaching with Objects

Objects are the stories!

Think beyond the textbook and traditional primary resources. During this professional development lesson, teachers will learn why teaching with objects can be a rewarding experience for both themselves and their students. We will help teachers get started, while providing a toolkit that will help them open new doors in their classroom?
The presentation will include resources for finding objects and how to think outside the box when choosing objects. The presenter will enrich the experience with both exhibit and hands-on collection pieces during a modeling exercise. Then, teachers will work in small groups to classify objects. How can students find relevance in objects that include artwork, photography, and three-dimensional objects?
This professional development opportunity is interdisciplinary, helping teachers to meet Commons Core Standards, as well as national standards in culture, history, and art.

Suggested pre-lesson activity

Print out or have available on your device the following handouts and objects images.

Additional resources

YouTube videos

What’s the Story? Teaching with Objects
Grade Level: K-12 Teachers
Length: 45 – 60 minutes
Learning Objectives: