Special Exhibitions

In addition to permanent exhibits exploring history, nature, and culture in its galleries, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West creates and hosts special, temporary exhibitions each year. These delve into various additional themes about the American West. Explore the below pages for a glimpse into current and upcoming exhibitions, or take a look at some from the past.

The Center of the West’s collections also travel to other venues across the country and the world, as complete exhibitions created by Center staff, or through loans of artifacts to enhance those created by the borrowing institution. Through such partnerships, the Center has participated in exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution’s S. Ripley Dillon Center, the Brooklyn Museum, and other museums in New York, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

Find out more about the Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s reach beyond our own walls.

Scots in the American West special exhibition

The Special Exhibitions Gallery on the lower level of the Center, currently featuring the exhibition Scots in the American West.