Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Elk by Joe Riis.Invisible Boundaries: Exploring Yellowstone’s Great Animal Migrations

On view in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on the lower level

Glock Makes HistoryGLOCK Makes History: The Birth of the Polymer Handgun Market

On view in the Coors Theater in the Cody Firearms Museum

Albertypes: William Henry JacksonYellowstone Discovered

On view in the John Bunker Sands Gallery in the Draper Natural History Museum

Closeup of firing mechanism, Catherine the Great's Russian Jaeger flintlock rifleJourneying West: Distinctive Firearms from the Smithsonian

On view on the main level of the Cody Firearms Museum

Inspiring Sights: Yellowstone Through Artists' EyesInspiring Sights: Yellowstone Through Artists’ Eyes

On view in the Whitney Western Art Museum

Scots in the WestScots in the American West

On view on the Lower Level

Harold McCrackenPhotographs from Harold McCracken’s Expedition to Alaska and the Arctic

On view in the McCracken Research Library Gallery