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Exclusive Tours

Dig deeper into Wild West history

Book a private, expert-led tour through one of your favorite museums — and let us tailor the experience to your unique interests. You’ll get to dive deeper and see objects that aren’t on exhibit. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on museum experience.

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Firearms Exclusive Tours

Personalized tours through one of the largest public displays of firearms in the country. Listen to hidden stories and learn firearms facts that’ll surprise even the most dedicated firearms fans! Guests finish their tours by getting hands-on with select historic firearms from our collection.
Buffalo Bill Museum

Buffalo Bill Museum Tour

In this tour, a top-tier guide will share the secrets of Buffalo Bill’s life and legends while offering special access to artifacts not on public display. Gain insider knowledge and the opportunity to get up close and personal with the history of the American West on these exclusive experiences.
Plains Indian Museum

Plains Indian Museum Tour

Experience the histories and living traditions of Plains Indian peoples with your personal guide as they lead you on an exclusive journey filled with powerful symbolism, hidden stories, and timeless artifacts. Learn about the cultures, traditions, trials, and triumphs of the Plains Indian peoples.

Hybrid Exclusive Tour

Can’t choose just one of our museums to explore with your personal guide? Then choose several! You’ll have two hours to dip your toe into firearms and art history, or maybe walk through Buffalo Bill’s life and legends before encountering the Plains Indians cultures of the American West. Your interests, your experience!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an Exclusive Tour?

You get your very own highly trained and personal guide to bring you and your family/ spouse/ friends through the museum(s) of your choice and have your questions answered as they come up. We center tours on what the visitors want to focus on, be they a single specific topic or a general overview of many topics. These are not scripted tours; they’re conversations!

Tour participants also gain access to artifacts and stories not on display to the general public, and you get to take home limited-edition souvenir swag only available to Exclusive Tour participants.

How long do Exclusive Tours last?

Experiences usually last around 1.5 to 2 hours.

What times do Exclusive Tours take place?

We work with visitors and offer preferential booking options to fit their schedules. Depending on Exclusive Tours Guide availability, tours are offered seven days a week and can take place before, during, or after normal operating hours.

How many people need to/can be on a tour?

We can host groups of up to 10 people (occasional exceptions permitted) or groups as small as a single individual on Exclusive Tours.

Do we get to handle any objects?

Yes! Depending on the Exclusive Tour experience you book, there is a hands-on section. If you’ve ever wanted to put on the white, cotton gloves and look like a curator for a bit, this is your chance!

How much do Exclusive Tours cost?

Tours start at $85 for a single individual to take a private tour, with discounts available for parties of 2 or more.

How far in advance should I schedule my Exclusive Tour?

The sooner the better! The summer season books up extremely quickly for the Exclusive Tours team; though, we accept walk-in/same day bookings if there is an available Exclusive Tours Guide.

Do we get to go into any collection storage rooms or vaults?

Vault access is NOT included in Exclusive Tours. The hands-on component mentioned above takes place in a restricted area (badge access required) off limits to the public, but it does not take place in the vaults.

I have an old object I’d like to donate to the Center of the West. Who do I talk to?

If you want to donate or loan objects to the Center of the West, please email [email protected] with information and images on the objects. Please note, curators deal with an extremely high volume of these types of inquiries.

Book Now!

Spots for summer fill up fast. Contact our Exclusive Tours Specialist today to book your tour.

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