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Through its collections, exhibitions, and programs--shares information about the cultures, traditions, and contemporary lives of Native peoples of the Great Plains. Our blog provides a glimpse into the topics we’re exploring.

Points West Online: Art of the Buffalo Culture Era: The Paul Dyck Collection

Fully-beaded horse mask. Blackfoot-Kainai, Canada, ca. 1870. Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection. NA.403.221

Originally published in Points West, Summer 2014 By Emma I. Hansen Plains Indian Museum Curator Emerita On June 15, 2013, the Plains Indian Museum at… Read More

Points West Online: Twenty-five years celebrating the annual Plains Indian Museum Powwow

Adam Tsosie Nordwall, Shoshone-Chippewa-Navajo dancer from Fallon, Nevada. 2003 Plains Indian Museum Powwow.

From Points West magazine Originally published in Spring 2006 By Rebecca West Editor’s note: On the eve of the 33rd Annual Plains Indian Museum Powwow, this… Read More