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Happy Trails to You: Western Music Arts and Crafts

Make a Native American rattle

“Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then. Who cares about the clouds when we’re together? Just… Read More

The West and You Arts and Crafts

Make your own spirit animal wind sock

“I was born here, in this place that would come to be called the Old West. But, to my kind, the land was ageless. It had… Read More

Maverick Queens: Women in Western Film, 1947 – 1953

Susan Hayward as Vinnie Holt. Screenshot taken by Leah Madsen. Rawhide (1951).  Directed by Henry Hathaway.: 20th Century Fox,.

When most people think of western films, they usually picture a cowboy such as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Women tend to be afterthoughts or… Read More

Western Art and Crafts

Summer PARTY Family Fun Day

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” —Henry Ward Beecher [1] As I mentioned in… Read More

Identifying the Unidentifiable Photographs

William F. Carver, Charles A. Burgess, Henry Burgess, White Eagle, Spotted Horse

It seems like everyone has a stack of old family photographs for which no one can identify the who, what, or when. Yet, intrinsically we… Read More

Wild Wonderland: Yellowstone Arts and Crafts


“A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, ‘Look up and down and round about you…whatever your fate, under whatever ignorance or knowledge you may afterward chance… Read More

What Are High-Capacity Magazines?

The Cody Firearms Museum displays a U.S. M14 rifle produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut c. 1959-1964. This selective fire gun is fed by a 20-round detachable box magazine, which is generally considered to be “high capacity.”

Firearms and “acceptable” magazine capacity is a hotly debated, but also much-misunderstood issue. Here’s a quick look at the technical meaning, facts, and implications of… Read More