The Draper Museum Raptor Experience

The Draper Museum Raptor Experience is an exciting live raptor education program at the Draper Natural History Museum in Cody, Wyoming. The Draper is one of five museums at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, which embraces the Spirit of the American West. What better way to celebrate the wildness of this wonderful area than by sharing some of its most spectacular wild animals with our guests. Visitors to the Center have the unique opportunity to get an up close and personal view of some of Wyoming’s most recognized predators – the birds of prey!

The Amazing Hawks

Two Red-shoulder Hawks. One perched on a tree branch and the other about to land nearby.

Hawks are birds of prey that hunt, kill, and dine on other animals. They have powerful feet with curved, sharp talons; a sharp, hooked upper… Read More

Male versus Female raptors: How do we know?

nest protector

Hello everyone! Welcome to Katie’s last summer blog post! This post is about the differences in female and male raptors, because it is often different… Read More