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COVID-19 Visitor Info

Cleanliness Guidelines

Starting March 16th 2021, masks are highly recommended, but not required, for museum visitors. 

Multiple sanitizing stations are located at 22+ different points in the building with dispensers providing sanitizing gel.

Our 40-acre campus houses 185,000 square feet of public exhibition space. The building’s occupancy capacity for total people is 18,000 people. We have five public restroom spaces and separate office restroom spaces.

The Center has taken its responsibility for public safety to heart during this time and has both established new and rigorous cleaning protocols as well as installing new safety equipment and providing access to sanitary materials for the public. A summary of those changes and protocols is as follows: 

We are adhering to the CDC protocols for staff and visitors. We have posted those guidelines at all entrances and distribute the link to ALL staff every day as part of briefings. 

Entrances & Exits are wiped with sanitizing spray every hour with additional staff added during peak visitor periods to wipe surfaces more frequently. We have established one door as exclusively entrance and a second door exclusively as exits.  

Counters are wiped continually by attending staff. Plexiglass sneeze guards to be installed (as per health recommendations). Guest credit card keypads with sanitizer are placed adjacent to them.  We also are installing floor markers to establish social distancing for those waiting in line. 

Bathrooms are cleaned every hour on the hour during work hours, and are deep-cleaned  in the evenings after the building is closed to the public. Sanitizer dispensers have been installed in bathrooms. 

There are 12 different stations within the building containing gloves, and sanitizing wipes. We also have additional stations in reserve should we need to add them to areas within the building.

We are suspending some of our interactive exhibitions where sanitizing stations would be ineffective. Signage is being posted in small exhibition areas to remind people of social distancing.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum has been engaged in a proactive approach to ensure staff safety. This includes a constant re-enforcement via signage and emails of CDC guidelines.

A rigid protocol has been set up for entering and exiting the building. This includes sanitizing stations, security (protected by plexiglass) wiping down all security badges when employees enter and leave, and a counter with gloves, masks, and sanitizing wipes.  

The Center is blessed with abundant space, so no desks are closer than 6’ to each other (unless separated by a wall) with approximately 90% of desks separated from each other by walls.  

The Center has posted signage in all public places utilizing language from the CDC website. In addition, employees daily receive the CDC recommendations through email. Finally, a memo was distributed on the first day back for employees to reiterate CDC and Wyoming Health Dept. positions.