Archival Collection List

The Archon database of the McCracken Research Library displays a complete list of the Library’s manuscript collections. In Archon, collections are searchable by keyword (words entered anywhere in the collection description) and title, allowing anyone to see which collections the Library holds. Our staff enters information into Archon directly from existing finding guides; fifty collections are entered to at least the folder level thus far. Users can select collections, folders, or individual items of interest to them, and click “Add to Cart,” creating a checklist for future use.

All collections will be entered to the item level, with individual records for letters, programs, photographs, etc. linked to item-scans, created by our Digital Services Technician Mack Frost. A Digital Cataloging Technician will catalog the item-scans in CONTENTdm, a searchable digital database for visual digital materials, such as scans of items in the Library’s collections.

The items currently in the Library’s CONTENTdm collections can be viewed at

The staff at the McCracken Research Library wants to hear your ideas, feedback, and input. Please contact us at or 307-578-4059. E-mail Samantha Harper to let her know of collections you use frequently whose entry into Archon or CONTENTdm you consider a priority. We also invite you to visit our Facebook page and “Like” us to stay up to date on our progress!

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Collections List

MS 001 Cassilly Adams Collection, 1906 – 1961
MS 002 Victor Arland Collection, 1880 – 1930
MS 003 Charles Belden Collection, 1908 – 1966
MS 004 Anne Black Collection, 1891 – 1950
MS 005 Cody Local History Collection
MS 006 William F. Cody Collection, 1840 – 2011
MS 007 George Armstrong Custer Collection, 1876 – 1963
MS 008 Charles King Collection
MS 009 Nicholas Eggenhofer Collection, 1924 – 1988
MS 010 Count Otto Franc Von Lichtenstein Collection
MS 011 Carol Hunter Collection
MS 012 Frank Tenney Johnson Collection, 1872 – 1945
MS 013 W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection, 1884 – 1938
MS 014 Irving H. “Larry” Larom Collection, 1906 – 1981
MS 015 Stewart Darling Collection, 1918 – 1957
MS 017 Charles Rapp Collection, 1874 – 1878
MS 018 Captain Leon Richards Collection
MS 019 F.H. Sandburg Collection
MS 020 Winchester Repeating Arms Company Archives Collection, 1857 – 1980
MS 021 Yellowstone National Park Collection
MS 022 Joseph Henry Sharp Collection, 1889 – 1992
MS 023 Frederic Remington Collection
MS 024 Senator E.V. Robertson
MS 025 Coburn Collection
MS 026 Charles M. Russell Collection
MS 027 Sarah A. Roberts Collection
MS 028 Philip R. Goodwin Collection
MS 029 Mummy Cave Collection
MS 030 Furman-Lockhart Research Collection
MS 031 Ron Bishop Collection
MS 032 Edward Becker Collection of Indian Photographs, 1898 – 1898
MS 033 Joe Roebling Photograph Collection
MS 034 Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Papers, 1868 – 1963
MS 035 North American Indian Photograph Collection, 1873 – 1935
MS 036 Fahr Collection of Indian Photographs
MS 037 Mrs. George Bird Grinnell Indian Photographs
MS 038 Brown Brothers Indian Portraits, 1880 – 1920
MS 039 F.W. Glasier Photographs
MS 040 Fort Belknap Reservation Photographs
MS 041 Mary Jester Allen – Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection, 1910 – 1965
MS 042 Adolf Spohr Collection
MS 043 Roland Reed Photographs
MS 044 Firearms Parts Catalogs and Repair Manuals, 1926 – 1981
MS 045 Bureau of Indian Affairs—Wind River Agency Photograph Collection
MS 046 Glenbow Photograph Album
MS 047 David R. Phillips Collection
MS 048 Robert Coe Sketchbooks
MS 049 Plains Indians Stereographs
MS 050 Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads Archives
MS 051 Western Scenes: Woodcuts and Engravings
MS 052 William Pierce Collection—Heart Mountain Geology
MS 053 Edward S. Curtis Collection
MS 054 D.F. Barry Photograph Collection, 1870 – 1890
MS 056 Rinehart Indian Photograph Collection
MS 057 Watrous Collection
MS 058 Buffalo Bill Memorial Association Archives
MS 059 Richard Buswell Photographs
MS 060 Victor Alexander Collection
MS 061 Kerper Family Collection
MS 062 Don Russell Collection
MS 063 Winchester Repeating Arms Company Engineering Drawings Collection
MS 064 Adolph & Plinky Topperwein Collection
MS 065 Rudolph Kornbrath Collection
MS 066 L.C. Smith, Marlin & Hunter Arms Companies Collection
MS 067 Charles E. Humberger Firearms Catalogs
MS 068 Dr. Shoemaker Papers, 1902 – 1925
MS 069 Atsina Music Collection
MS 070 Herbert Houze Collection
MS 071 Vincent Mercaldo Collection, 1850 – 1945
MS 073 Maxine Jones Beery Collection
MS 074 Anne Black Photographs
MS 075 Winchester Custom Shop Records
MS 076 Camp Trails Collection
MS 077 Harry Jackson Photograph Collection
MS 078 Dr. Edward H. Latham Photograph Collection
MS 079 Game Hunting Photograph Collection
MS 080 Wolfgang Pogzeba “New Vision: Photographs of the American West” Portfolio
MS 081 Reddin Wild West Show Book Manuscript
MS 082 Cap & Virgil Richard Collection
MS 083 Through The Eyes Of An Indian
MS 084 Gavel of Jude Samuel Liebowitz, New York City
MS 085 Movie Poster “La Revanche de Buffalo”
MS 086 Edison Wax Cylinder Record #1149
MS 087 Plains Indian Ledger Drawings Collection
MS 088 George Hyde Letters
MS 089 Jack Richard Photograph Collection
MS 090 Claffy Photographs
MS 091 Paul Stock Collection
MS 092 Dean Hays Family Papers
MS 093 J.E. Stuart Papers
MS 094 Sarah Louise Proctor Deming Papers
MS 095 William A. Petzoldt Lantern Slide Collection
MS 096 Marie Goodfellow Collection
MS 097 Cody Family History Association Papers
MS 098 Willcutt Ranch Collection
MS 099 Stuart M. Frank Collection
MS 100 L.A. Huffman Collection, 1875 – 1931
MS 101 John B. Mortensen Collection
MS 102 Clifton Shafer Firearms Catalogue Collection
MS 103 Avard T. Fairbanks Collection
MS 104 Nicholas Kusmit Engraving Records
MS 105 Paul Hedren Collection of Charles King Books and Papers
MS 106 Kendall–Browne Collection
MS 107 Martha Edwards Collection
MS 108 Big Trail Movie Stills
MS 109 W.F. Cody Buffalo Bill Collectors Guide with Values
MS 110 Greever Family Photographs
MS 111 Roy Marcot Firearms Advertisement Collection
MS 112 Wyoming Tourism Literature Collection
MS 113 R.C. Soper Papers
MS 114 G.V. Whitney and the Scout Collection
MS 115 G.V. Whitney and the Scout
MS 116 Jack Ellis Haynes Papers and Haynes, Inc. Records Collection
MS 117 Burlington-Cody Inn Menu
MS 118 Souvenir of Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park
MS 119 Conrad Husman Interview – Oral History
MS 120 National Park Service Patch
MS 121 Dortha Dietz Collection
MS 122 John P. Glendon Letters from Yellowstone National Park Collection
MS 123 Frederic Remington First Day Issue Stamps and Envelopes
MS 124 Dakota Language Books Collection
MS 125 Broadside Rough Riders Re-Union
MS 126 Herb Parsons Photographs and Poster
MS 127 Remington Arms Company Production Ledger Collection
MS 128 Darrell Lewis, Australian Broncoing Articles
MS 129 Conrad Schwiering Letters, Summer Tapestry
MS 130 Yellowstone-Western Stage Tickets
MS 131 Charles Hartung Collection
MS 132 William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody Entry into the Congressional Record
MS 133 Victor Alexander Oral History Collection
MS 134 Buffalo Bill Memorial Association Collection
MS 135 Chief Plenty Coups Funeral Collection
MS 136 Lois Barker Family Photo Album Collection
MS 137 Cokeville Collection
MS 138 Yellowstone National Park Postcards and Brochures
MS 139 Northern Boundary Survey of Wyoming Territory
MS 140 Firearms Catalogs and Flyers
MS 141 Washington and Maybert Express Company, Daily Stage
MS 142 Montana State University Collections Finding Guides
MS 143 Jack Sinclair Collection
MS 144 Theodore Roosevelt Saddle Documents
MS 145 European Postcards of American Western Subjects
MS 146 Edith Woodworth Sliver Photographs Collection
MS 147 Colonel Prentiss Ingraham Magazine Articles
MS 148 Chief Plenty Coups Photographs
MS 149 William R. Leigh Papers
MS 150 Peg Garlow Original Watercolor
MS 151 Dan Muller Artwork
MS 152 Olive Fell Prints
MS 153 Yellowstone National Park Maps
MS 154 Custer Battlefield Postcards and Cody Souvenir Folder
MS 155 C.M. Russell Memorabilia
MS 156 U.S. Army Recruiting Pamphlets
MS 157 George Beck to Hinkle Letters
MS 158 Tedord Family Postcards, re: Railroad History
MS 159 Winchester Custom Shop Packing Records
MS 160 Bob Scriver Collection
MS 161 Red Eagle: Buffalo Bill’s Adopted Son
MS 162 Winchester and Marlin Firearm Catalogues and Literature
MS 163 Sacajawea (Bird Woman) by Dr. Charles Eastman
MS 164 F.V. Hayden 1874 Expedition Stereocards
MS 165 Thomas Marquis Native American Nitrate Negative Collection
MS 166 William F. Cody Divorce Proceedings, 1904 – 1905
MS 167 Marlboro-Whitney Gallery of Western Art Photographs
MS 168 Gloria Duffy Gift of Western Printed Materials
MS 169 Phillip Gillet Cole
MS 170 Central Wyoming Pony Express–Wyoming Centennial Wagon Train Collection
MS 171 Mims Family Papers
MS 172 S.E. Overton Company Collection
MS 173 Winchester Model 52 Plan Book
MS 174 Frederic Remington 1981 U.S. Postage Stamp Collection
MS 175 Ernie Palmquists’ Miniature Wild West Show
MS 176 Nicholas Eggenhofer Framed Prints
MS 177 Abbot-Downing Company Deadwood Coach Poster
MS 178 Winchester Pigeon Grade Model 1893 and 1897 Shotgun Photographs
MS 179 Mexican Execution Photographs
MS 180 Cody Stampede Stock Certificate #136
MS 181 Boy with Roy Rogers Jacket and Cowboy Hat
MS 182 The Brand, Newsletter of Valley, Wyoming
MS 183 Ruth Blair Gift of Western Postcards
MS 184 Early Cody Bands Collection
MS 185 Colonel R.M. Wood
MS 186 Tag Tail, by Nellie U. Leppart
MS 187 Max and Sue Bulkeley’s Yellowstone National Park Photo Album
MS 188 Hiscock Studio Photographs of Yellowstone Park
MS 189 Sidney Barnett Papers Collection
MS 190 Chief Samson Grant and Bill Hulse, #16 1929
MS 191 Indian Fights of Early Days in Pacific Northwest Recalled
MS 192 Parker Gun Pamphlets, 1930 – 1934
MS 193 Curtis Liston Newspaper Clippings and Photos
MS 194 Yellowstone National Park Promotional Materials
MS 195 Haynes Yellowstone National Park Postcards
MS 196 “Custer’s Last Fight” Movie Advertisement
MS 197 Cody Road Postcards
MS 198 “Wide Awake Weekly” and “Work and Win,” 1903 – 1905
MS 199 George Beck Papers
MS 200 Joseph’s Firearms Engraving Collection
MS 201 Oral History Collection, 1998 – 2012
MS 202 Tina Herbold, Photograph Album, Cokeville, Wyoming
MS 203 “Ranger Bob” Wilson Country Western Music Collection
MS 205 Wyoming Felt Tourist Banners
MS 206 American Indian Treaties
MS 207 Buffalo Bill Museum Guest Ledgers
MS 208 ARP & Conway Hardware
MS 209 S.C. Fritz Scholder Collection
MS 210 Karl May and European Materials on the American West
MS 211 Framed Pictures Collection
MS 212 W. Langdon Kihn Canadian Indian Portrait Copy Photographs
MS 213 William Furnish Publications
MS 214 Unassigned – Was Western Music Association Loan
MS 215 Photomicrographic Study of Gun Engraving
MS 216 Winold Reiss Photograph Collection
MS 217 Erwin E. Smith Photograph Collection
MS 218 Erwin E. Smith Photograph Collection
MS 219 Jones Live-Map Meter Co. Brochure Collection
MS 220 “Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone”
MS 221 Robert Farrington Elwell Collection
MS 222 Northern Pacific Railway Menu—Throssel Photograph
MS 223 Burlington Route Railroad Poster—”Shoshone Canyon on the Cody Road to Yellowstone Park”
MS 224 Joseph Machia Western Music Collection
MS 225 Ellis “Rabbit” Knows Gun Collection
MS 226 R.V. Witter Collection
MS 227 Herbert Briggs Diary Collection
MS 228 Buffalo Bill Museum Photos
MS 230 Paula Morin Collection
MS 231 John H. Tait Collection
MS 233 Sons of the Pioneers Collection
MS 235 Lofman Collection
MS 237 Asa Shinn Mercer Collection—Powder River Invasion
MS 238 Weaver Scope Company Scrapbooks
MS 239 Royal Hassrick Collection
MS 240 Nicolai Fechin Photographs of Mexico
MS 241 Major William Richard Logan Collection
MS 242 Alexander Phimister Proctor Collection
MS 243 James Bama Collection
MS 244 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Collection
MS 245 Peter Hassrick Research Files on Alexander Phimister Proctor
MS 246 D.W. Cole Collection
MS 247 Fred Meyer Collection
MS 248 DuBiel Arms Company Collection
MS 249 Cody Firearms Museums Transfers to McCracken Research Library, 2003 – 2003
MS 250 “Oklahoma Slim” Scrapbook
MS 251 Dude Ranch Histories of Charles Roundy
MS 252 Sheridan, Wyoming Photograph Collection
MS 253 Ester Johannson Murray Articles
MS 254 Stanley Truman Yellowstone Trip of 1919
MS 255 Mrs. Troup E. Saxon Collection
MS 256 Lura Dudley Scrapbook—TE Ranch
MS 257 Guy Tourlamain Thesis
MS 258 Buffalo Bill’s Baptism
MS 259 Robert Paul Whitney Collection
MS 260 Adele Von Ohl Parker Collection
MS 261 Lulu Bell Parr Collection
MS 262 Outdoor Sports Catalogues
MS 263 Indian Motorcycle Company Literature
MS 264 Eskimo Cookbook
MS 265 Bonniwell Hardware & Harness Shop Sewing Kit, 1904
MS 266 Plains Indian Museum Dedication Photograph Album
MS 267 Joe Medicine Crow Collection
MS 268 Sioux Language and Wyoming Brand History Collection
MS 269 Lone Wolf Collection
MS 270 Gordon Snidow Memorial Collection
MS 271 Jean Laughton Portfolio Collection
MS 272 Yellowstone Bus Driver Postcards
MS 273 Paul Fees Collection
MS 274 William and Ida Craver Collection
MS 275 Pony Express Project Collection
MS 276 Wyoming Geothermal Commercialization Office Reports
MS 277 Paul L. Purvis Papers
MS 278 Movie Stills for “The Vanishing American” and “The Big Trail,” 1925 – 1930
MS 279 Motion Picture Still Photograph Collection
MS 280 W.H.D. Koerner Chaps Photograph
MS 281 John Colter Files of J. Neilson Barry
MS 283 J.E. Tuell Photograph Albums
MS 284 William D. Owsley Collection of Cabinet Cards
MS 285 Valley Ranch Music Collection
MS 286 Joe McAvoy Negative Collection
MS 287 Wind River Shoshone Photograph Collection
MS 288 General Photograph Collection
MS 289 Pawnee Bill Photograph Collection
MS 290 Sitting Bull Ledger Drawings Research Collection
MS 291 F.V. Hayden Documents
MS 292 Major William Shepherd Watercolors Collection
MS 293 Sturm, Ruger & Company Collection
MS 294 William A. Bell Family Collection
MS 295 Colt Ledger Books
MS 296 Beverly Robertson Wild Horse Collection
MS 297 J.F. Owens Cattle Brand
MS 298 Walking Cherry Woman’s Letter of Protection, 1889
MS 299 Reverend Floyd Schweiger Collection
MS 301 Gabby Barrus Slide Collection
MS 302 William D. Weiss Collection
MS 303 Indian Music Collection
MS 304 Sturm Studio Photograph Collection
MS 305 Harold McCracken Photograph Collection
MS 306 Historical Firearms Catalogs and Booklets
MS 307 Veterans History Project Interviews
MS 308 Robert M. Milek Collection
MS 309 Fred Brauen Book on Winold Reiss
MS 310 Museum of the Plains Indian Catalog
MS 311 Frances Clymer Marlin Firearms Company Factory Photograph Collection
MS 312 Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill Glass Plate Negative Collection
MS 313 Fort McPherson Cabinet Card Collection
MS 314 Goff and Haynes Stereocards
MS 315 James B. Minter Collection
MS 316 Kershaw Negative Collection
MS 317 Carl Roters Collection
MS 318 Jack R. Williams Photograph Collection
MS 319 B.A. Bodkin Letter
MS 320 Paul Dyck Collection
MS 321 Charles Clarke Collection
MS 322 Captain Jack Crawford Collection
MS 323 Don Look Movie Poster Collection
MS 324 Valley Ranch Brochures & Memorabilia Collection
MS 325 Penny Preston Video Collection
MS 326 Bear People of the Yellowstone Collection
MS 327 James Wojtowicz Collection
MS 328 Mainhardt Collection
MS 329 Meadowlark Audubon Society Collection
MS 330 Tracy Livingston Collection
MS 331 William Clark Collection
MS 332 Harold Del Monte Collection
MS 333 Walter Nock Collection
MS 334 Barbara E. Stanton Collection
MS 335 Adele Von Ohl Parker Collection
MS 336 James Lawson Collection
MS 337 Alice Zatarain Collection
MS 338 Effie Shaw Collection
MS 339 Michele Cornette Collection
MS 340 Bruce D. Clark Collection
MS 341 Carol L. Timko Collection
MS 342 John Kolstad Collection
MS 343 Marcia L. Braun Collection
MS 344 Herbert Houze Collection
MS 345 Darlene Groenier Collection
MS 346 Rawhide Johnson Collection
MS 347 Inge & Friedhelm Oriwol Collection
MS 348 Elena Weldon Collection
MS 349 Felix Roelandt Collection
MS 350 McCracken Collection
MS 351 Ernie Goppert Collection
MS 352 Robert Pickering Collection
MS 353 Richard Anderson Collection
MS 354 Jeff Brome Collection
MS 355 Historical Collectible Auctions Collection
MS 356 James S. “Jim” Rhodebeck
MS 357 Minilusa Pioneer Museum
MS 358 William T. & Pat J. Bird Collection
MS 359 Wyoming State Historical Society Collection
MS 360 John Dahlheim Collection
MS 361 Bob Lantis Collection of Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads
MS 362 Allan Skinner Collection of Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads
MS 363 Paul Fees Collection
MS 364 Western Collection & Memorabilia
MS 365 Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads—Exhibit Outside Coe Auditorium
MS 366 Don Champlin Collection of Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads
MS 367 Lillian Turner Collection of Cowboy Songs & Range Ballads
MS 368 Firearms Price Comparisons Collection
MS 369 Liz Holmes Collection
MS 370 Jay Ellis Ransom Collection
MS 371 Eric Sorg Collection
MS 372 Delores Miller Collection
MS 373 Walter Karabian Collection
MS 374 Lee Herman Collection
MS 375 Joan Griffes Collection
MS 376 Mary Benjamin Collection
MS 377 Jack Rosenthal Collection
MS 378 Lola Tracy Collection
MS 379 Gerard Dole Collection
MS 380 George Sodini Collection
MS 381 Frank Hildebrand Collection
MS 382 Elaine Anderson Collection
MS 383 John Meunier Collection
MS 384 Gregory Hinton Collection
MS 385 Barbara McCorkle Collection
MS 386 Pat Jones Collection
MS 387 R.F. Rodan Collection
MS 388 Marjorie Goppert Collection
MS 389 Stuart Becher Collection
MS 390 Blackfoot Confederacy Collection
MS 391 Jack Rutherford Collection
MS 392 Harry H. Gunning Collection
MS 393 Edgar S. Paxson Collection
MS 394 Indian Wars (Motion Picture, 1914) Collection, 1914
MS 395 Montana Maps Collection
MS 396 Heart Mountain Relocation Center Collection
MS 397 Herbert Roth Collection
MS 398 1893 Yellowstone Hunting Party Collection, 1893 – 1893
MS 399 Captain Peter Smith Collection
MS 400 1890s Advertisements Collection, 1890 – 1899
MS 401 F.J. Hiscock Collection
MS 402 Big Horn Basin Collection
MS 403 Borelson Music Collection
MS 404 Audrey Ward Collection
MS 405 1983 Wild West Reenactment
MS 406 Bob Woodruff Ranch Collection
MS 407 Bronson Rumsey Collection
MS 408 James Canan Collection of Bureau of Indian Affairs Materials
MS 409 Harvey Johnson Collection
MS 410 Thomas P. Cuffe Collection
MS 411 J.R. Salzer Collection
MS 412 Stetson Hat Company Collection
MS 413 Herbert Homer Hewes Black Hills Gold Rush Diary Collection, 1876, 1927
MS 414 Samuel B. Reed Collection, 1826 – 2000
MS 415 Roe Family Newspapers
MS 416 Reference Slides Collection
MS 417 Thomas Nichols Firearms Catalogs
MS 418 Western Dress Photographs
MS 420 Burgess Gun Company Collection, 1893 – 1899
MS 421 Walter M. Banko Collection of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Photographs, 1898 – 1905
MS 422 Ballistics Research Collection
MS 423 U.S. Senator Alan K. Simpson Collection
MS 424 Before the White Man Came (Northwestern Film Company), 1920 – 1920
MS 425 Around Home in Birney Indian Village
MS 426 Ken Blackbird Photograph Collection
MS 427 James Lyons 19th Century Newspapers, 1800 – 1899
MS 428 Ithaca Gun Company, 1886 – 1892
MS 429 Camp Monaco Tree Removal Collection, 1994 – 1994
MS 431 Sherman Willock Collection
MS 432 Cody Trading Company, 1898 – 1968
MS 433 Rising Sun Ranches of Bozeman, Montana
MS 434 Harry Miller, Shoshone National Forest Ranger
MS 435 Charlene Magargal Collection
MS 438 Forrest Fenn Native American Indian Photograph Collection, 1880 – 1920
MS 440 Western Music Collection, 1933 – 1945
MS 438 Forrest Fenn Native American Indian Photograph Collection, 1880 – 1920
MS 441 Caroline F. Schimmel