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Journey into Art

Do we all look at art the same way?

What is art? Join us on a 360 art adventure of our Whitney Western Art Museum to uncover the answers—and there isn’t just once answer. Art is a painting, a sculpture, and even a beaded moccasin. During this 30-45 minute virtual field trip, students will take a deep dive into forms of art, while participating in activities that help them describe, interpret, and react to art.
The presenter will help students appreciate art by introducing the parts, or techniques, of art (i.e. line, shape, and color). Knowledge of these elements will allow students to decide for themselves what a painting means to them. Does this painting make you feel happy or sad? Why does it make you feel that way? We’ll guide students on this journey into art by asking these questions, and we will save time at the end for students to make a quick masterpiece of their own.

Materials need for virtual field trip:

Please take note of the important materials needed for this virtual field trip. These materials will empower student voice and creativity during this virtual field trip.

Teachers with students at school:

Teachers with students at home:

Additional resources

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Journey into Art
Grade Level: K-5
Length: 30 -45 minutes
Learning Objectives: