Cody Firearms Museum Blog: Unloading the Myth

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West houses over 7,000 historically significant firearms with more than 15,000 firearms-related artifacts. We seek to provide every visitor – from gun aficionados, to firearms novices, to those without previous firearms experience – with a unique educational opportunity. This museum is more than just guns; firearms help inform the story of the West, the story of gun cultures, and the story of people.

Only YOU Can Ensure Gun Safety

Gun safety image

A passion for firearms—whether it be rooted in their historical impact, mechanics, recreational shooting, or hunting purposes—can strike at any age. Yet, it’s very apparent… Read More

3,000 More Firearms: Vault Work

Ruby Harrington (author and CFM intern) & Max Yeley (another Center intern) working in the vault

As an aspiring museum professional, I really enjoy when projects require me to walk through the gallery to gather guns. For example, I’ve examined the… Read More

The Target is Fun: 2014 Buffalo Bill Invitational Shootout

Former Senator Simpson and Shootout Chairman Sean Duffy

This past weekend, August 7 – 9, 65 shooters—male, female, young, wise (rather than “old”), seasoned veterans, new to the sport, and from near and… Read More

Black Gun Controversy

Assault Rifle:  Feltman Pneumatic Fully Automatic Machine Gun, c. 1935

*This blog focuses on some but not all of the differentiations between modern sporting rifles and assault rifles.* You’ve heard “assault weapon” in the news.… Read More