Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Adornment in the WestAdornment in the West: The American Indian as Artist

On view in the Cody Firearms Museum Breezeway

Painted Journeys: The Art of John Mix Stanley

Painted Journeys: The Art of John Mix Stanley

On view in the Special Exhibitions Gallery

Michael Berman's photo of Garfield Peak, Natrona County, from "Wyoming Grasslands.

Wyoming Grasslands: Photographs by Michael Berman and William Sutton

On view in the John Bunker Sands Photography Gallery, Draper Museum

Harold McCrackenPhotographs from Harold McCracken’s Expedition to Alaska and the Arctic

On view in the McCracken Research Library Gallery

James Bama's 'Rookie Bronc Rider,' May 1975. P.243.02828

Developing Stories: The Photography of James Bama

On view in the Kriendler Gallery

Closeup of firing mechanism, Catherine the Great's Russian Jaeger flintlock rifleJourneying West: Distinctive Firearms from the Smithsonian

On view on the
Lower level, Cody Firearms Museum