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What will you see?

When you visit the Draper Natural History Museum, what will you see as you travel the Alpine-to-Plains Trail through this museum of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? Here are just a few highlights, some of the amazing specimens you’ll encounter along the way.

Bear 104 in the Draper Natural History Museum

Grizzly Bear 104

Grizzly bear 104 can be seen in the Draper’s mountain forest area. She was often photographed near Yellowstone’s East Entrance, where she was killed by a car. Her story explores the complex relationships between humans and wildlife.

Gray Wolves

Hunted to near extinction in the early 1900s, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in the mid-1990s. This “family” of wolves tells the story and explores the controversies surrounding wolves. Click the button for more on another pair of wolves in the Draper.

"Free Fall" Bison Sculpture

Free Fall is a massive bronze by contemporary sculptor T.D. Kelsey is poised over the Plains/Basin area in the Draper. It depicts a hunting method of driving bison over a carefully chosen cliff, used by Plains Indian when millions of bison once roamed the Plains.

Looking for more highlights throughout the Center?

There are abundant and amazing treasures to be found throughout the Center of the West’s five, world-class museums. Find a sampling of objects in each museum by checking out our Highlights Map.