Learn through Programs and Education

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s educational programs help our visitors learn in an enjoyable and educational atmosphere and so acquire a deeper understanding of the American West.

Children learn about volcanoes in the Draper Museum of Natural History

Children learn about volcanoes in the Draper Natural History Museum.

Draper Museum Raptor Experience

Don’t miss the amazing birds of our Draper Museum Raptor Experience in the Braun Garden (in the Hub in case of inclement weather) for “Relaxing with Raptors” at 1 p.m. each day. See some or all of our birds and ask questions of their handlers.

Our birds are: Teasdale the great horned owl, Isham the red-tailed hawk, Salem the American kestrel, Hayabusa the peregrine falcon, Suli the turkey vulture, and Kateri the golden eagle.

Family Fun Days

Fun and educational! And geared for families visiting the museums together. Click here to learn more. Our March Family Fun Day, “Games of the Old West,” is on March 20, 2015, from 3 – 7 p.m.

Our winter Family Fun Days are free for members and $10/family for non-members.

Skype in the classroom

Do you have a class of students who would love to find out more about mountain men and fur trappers? About Plains Indian culture and tipis? About the adaptations of animals to their environment? Then click here to find out more about our Skype in the classroom lessons.


The Buffalo Bill Center of the West hosts regular lectures on interesting topics all about the American West. Click here to find out more.

Discovery Field Trips in the Greater Yellowstone Region

Our natural history experts also take middle-school-age participants to the field for fun and educational experiences. Watch this space in the spring to find out dates for 2015.

These trips are $75 for non-members and $70 for members. For more information, e-mail Interpretive Specialist Emily Buckles, or call her at 307-578-4110.