Lunchtime Expedition Is Going to the Birds!

For those of you familiar with the Draper Natural History Museum, the mention of the Lunchtime Expedition series probably brings to mind exhilarating talks about grizzly bears, wolves, geology, and the research being done by some of the best biologists in the business. The next presentation, however, might be a little different—it’s about me and my journey learning the world of raptor programs in the United States.

Melissa & friend, Jessica, with Harris' Hawks during a hunting trip.

A sample of a photo to keep you from falling asleep.

When Dr. Charles Preston (Founding Curator of the Draper) asked me to be the speaker for the February Lunchtime Expedition I was prepared to bring the birds and volunteers and give a fun and educational presentation about birds of prey for the audience. It turns out, however, that he would like me to step out of my comfort zone and talk about things I don’t normally discuss—myself and how the Greater Yellowstone Raptor Experience was created not to be a cookie cutter of all the other programs in the country (which is impossible, I might add, as they are all so different).

Melissa with Kern, the turkey vulture.

Me back in 1998 when I worked at Reptile Gardens.

So, if you are in Cody on Thursday, February 6 around noon and want to see me actually be nervous for a presentation, come on down to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for “Soaring to New Heights: A Different Kind of Raptor Program.” I promise to have a powerpoint presentation with LOTS of pictures to keep you from nodding off :). For a little more information, check out the blurb on the Center’s website for the February 6 Lunchtime Expedition.

Melissa & bald eagle in front of Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Another flashy photo to keep your attention.


  1. Nancy McClure says

    Me too! The raptor program Melissa manages is one of the best. And our lunchtime expeditions are free – hope lots of folks can join us!