Bucks For Birds

It’s amazing to think that summer is officially here. How do I know? 1) It was 90 degrees yesterday here in Cody, Wyoming. YUCK! I hate the heat. 2) I’ve been so busy I can’t keep track of the day of the week anymore. 3) Apparently Memorial Day has past. I was working so I can’t, personally, confirm this, but that’s what I’m told.

Bucks 1 (Small)

Anyway, a couple weeks ago our program was part of something very special and, unfortunately, it’s taken this long to write about it. For those who don’t know me, technology hates me. This is my third attempt to write this blog and share a wonderful story but every time I try I am thwarted by the evils of modern life. Here’s hoping that you will eventually be able to see it.

Melissa & Isham with Ms. Krejci's class.

Melissa and Isham with Ms. Krejci’s class.

This story begins on Halloween. For the past three years Ms. Krejci, a second grade teacher from Southside Elementary School in Worland, Wyoming, has brought her class to the Center and has arranged for a special program with one of our birds—on Halloween! Ms. Krejci and her students have become such fans of the birds that they decided they wanted to do a project to raise money to feed the birds.

Several of Ms. Krejci's students counting the money they had raised.

Several of Ms. Krejci’s students counting the money they had raised.

So, when Earth Day rolled around this year, she and her class joined in Global Youth Service Day and began their project, called Bucks For Birds.

Getting ready to send off a request for help.

Getting ready to send off a request for help.

The students decided to each bring $1 from home to donate to the fund. They then wrote to the other students in second and third grade throughout their school district to also collect $1 each to donate to the project.

Ready to mail!

Ready to mail!

In just one month, Ms. Krejci’s students had raised $167.75! They had hoped to rejoin us at the Center to present their donation in person, but arranging for a field trip at the end of the school year just couldn’t happen. So… we went to them!

In her first ever classroom visit, Kateri made an appearance so we could personally thank the students for their hard work.

We simply can’t thank Ms. Krejci and her students enough! What an amazing example of compassion and inspiration for others!

What an amazing project!

What an amazing project!

Thank you,

Jazz Aguayo, Klayton Baugh, Kiera Campbell, Aubrie Douglas, Jaden Earl, Reaghan Foss, Daniel Galarza, Tanner Grayeda, Tyler Kidgell, Tina Krejci, Isaiah Leyva, Andy McIntosh, Gage McKim, Isaac Moore, Del Morris, Parker Ruffing, Oakley Voyles, ShaeLynn Wagner, Skye Wartman, Joshua Yslava, Natalie Tharp, Nayelli Aguayo, Ivey Roberts, Brianna Uhrig, Ivan Thomas, Brayden Allsman