Games and Interactives

Online Interactive Media

Explore and enjoy these online interactives from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Developed as hands-on activities for visitors within our museums, these are also designed for virtual visitors, whether you visit the Center of the West in person or not! Click the links below to go to fun as well as educational experiences. And check back here again and again as we continue to develop and add other interactives in the coming months.

iScout on a smartphone

iScout is optimized for use on a smartphone, a tablet, or your desktop computer at home.


Our new web application, iScout, gives both on-site and online visitors great layers of additional content and information as they either tour our museums in person, or browse iScout online at You’ll find blog posts, videos, photographs, even virtual exhibits from our online collection through iScout.

We’ve taken special care to make this application user-friendly whether you access it in our museums on a smartphone or tablet, or explore it at home on a laptop or desktop. And there’s no need to download anything, just visit to get started.

"History Canvas"

Click the image to go to “History Canvas”

History Canvas

Using images of various elements from paintings in the art collection of the Center of the West’s Whitney Western Art Museum, “History Canvas” lets you create your very own masterpiece. Based on a popular “Create Your West” computer kiosk in the Whitney Museum, this interactive invites you to mix and match foregrounds and backgrounds, landscapes and shelters, animals and trees. E-mail your work of art to friends or share it on your social media channels. Click here to pick up your virtual paintbrush!

"Dressed Just Right"

Click the image to go to “Dressed Just Right”

Dressed Just Right

Western dress has long run the gamut from the functional and practical to the flashy and flamboyant. This interactive based on a children’s book plays with the idea of dressing western using puzzles and a mix-and-match game—both fun and educational. Match outfits to westerners such as buckaroos, cowboys, ranch women, and Buffalo Bill himself, or to toy with the typical by mixing the clothing of the different characters. Reap rewards and tokens such as virtual sets of clothes, and track your puzzle completion times and difficulty levels. Click here and start “dressing just right.”

And when visiting the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, be sure to look for and scan our QR codes. Click here to find out more!